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Interior Design

Designers should visit Kat's whether furnishing an entire house, a single room, searching for a statement piece, looking for decor items, or just searching for ideas. Kat's management and staff are happy to guide you through our vendors' offerings and answer any questions. From furniture to art to rugs and other textiles, if we don't have what you're looking for, we will help you find it elsewhere. At Kat's, the customer is our priority.


Props - Photo Shoots, Films, Television or Open House

Kat's and several of our vendors are willing to arrange for the short term lease* or purchase of items in the store, for photo shoots, film and TV props or staging an open house. Kat's Vendors have supplied props for local advertising as well as major motion pictures, we're happy to help. Contact Rick or Kelly. 215-785-2034

*Proper insurance & indemnification required.

Let Us Find It

Through our extensive sourcing network, Kat's can probably locate whatever it is you are looking for. Our network stretch beyond the tri-state area and encompasses much of the country. Looking for that vintage motorcycle or automobile part, that civil war sword, that first edition book, or rare piece of pottery? Our network of dealers, shop owners and pickers, will probably be able to find it.

Contact Us for details 215-785-2034


Kat's will be happy to arrange for appraisals for our customers. While we have no certified appraisers on staff, we will gladly provide you with a list of appraisers in the area.


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